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To provide more information about our top schools worldwide we have produced an electronic brochure containing important facts about each school. Agents can access each school's website and contact a representative directly or arrange to speak to them in person at an upcoming fair.


The WEBA International Agents and Fair Tours provide excellent opportunities for admissions officers to meet and work with international agents , counselors, students and families. We make certain you have the necessary tools to ensure each trip's success as we supply all tour members with an extensive array of information and contacts well before they leave their office.

We also provide extensive follow-up to our participants including comprehensive contact information of all agents and counselors who attended the sessions, as well as statistical data that help both you and your institution to make informed recruitment decisions.

Please visit our education portal which includes all our members (over 2500) at

WEBA will assist you from the beginning of the first contact, as well as after the end of the workshops for the entire year, referring good agents looking specifically for your school.


Agents from the Czech Republic and from the rest of the world

The event in Prague is a pure International Agents Workshop. Agents from all over Central Europe, Russia, Turkey, Middle East and Asia will be attending.

Tour Fee Includes:

  • Pick up and drop off at Prague Airport
  • Accommodation 2 nights in Prague ( Superior Rooms )
  • List inside in the Agent Guide 2019
  • Agents Database
  • Meeting the Agents in a One to One Session

Past Participants

Learn about past participants


WEBA European Agent Tour 2019 Registration : 3rd - 5th October:

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