Past Agents

Geronimo Dos Santos Otero from Conexion Eurolatina Spain and Netherland at the presentation

The agents list from 2013 is available at:

Agents 2013:

  • Global Link , Russia
  • Yero , Turkey
  • IEC, Vietnam
  • Hanoi Consultant Company, Vietnam
  • For Europe School, Bulgaria
  • Versi Educational Consultancy, Spain
  • Travel and Study Consulting, Russia
  • LT Lingua Tour, Russia
  • Magister , Russia
  • Oxbridge , Russia
  • Easy Abroad Services , Spain
  • Sania International, India
  • Trans World Education, Thailand
  • Language Data Bank, Italy
  • Skylines, Greece
  • Genctour, Turkey
  • Elite , China
  • Golden Arrow , China
  • GuangDong CTS VISA Consultant Service CO., LTD, China
  • Yen-Shou International Company, Taiwan
  • Transinex , Singapore

and many more. Approx. 421 agents attend our events from over 30 countries, which include Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Taiwan, Hongkong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Libya, Bahrain , Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and more..

Agents attending in the year 2013 is available directly at:

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