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WEBA Academy: top-class training for international educators Enhance your skills in the internationalisation , find out how to recruit more students in the international market.

The WEBA Academy offers you the complete mix of training opportunities for learn how the staff of your international schools will be able to recruit international students.

Over 25 year of experience in the international recruitment industry.

Russia Grad and MBA Tour


28 April, 2016
Area zone:
Russia Grad and MBA Tour


15 May, 2016
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Russia Grad and MBA Tour

Mexico City

23 May, 2016
Area zone:
Mexico City.
Russia Grad and MBA Tour


4 June, 2016
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Russia Grad and MBA Tour


6 June , 2016
Area zone:
Russia Grad and MBA Tour


24 June, 2016
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Russia Grad and MBA Tour


5 September, 2016
Area zone:
Russia Grad and MBA Tour


14 September, 2016
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Cost: Representative 1 , € 950 Representative 2 , € 750

Are you a young or more experienced marketeer? At WEBA we offer on course which include ;

Recruiting international students: how to stand out in a competitive market

Creating effective promotional materials in English: working with limited time and budgets

How to present yourself in front of the agents

Working with recruitment agents

International marketing - a strategic approach

How to organise a Open Day with international parents and agents

Study and Working by doing - meet agents directly after the course

On request we organise aswell In-house training.

Does your institution or department need training on a specific internationalisation topic? We organise courses on demand, tailored to your team's needs. See below the topics that we cover and contact us to request a course or inquire about other options.

Marketing and recruitment

Partnerships and networks

Leadership and strategy

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