The event welcome institution from all over all over the world, High Schools, Universities, Business Schools, Hotel Schools from the US' and agents from all over the world recruiting students for US' schools.

How it work:

Part a)

Every school will be able to prepare a power presentation + Video and give a online Live presentation to the Agents ( on Video) . On top of the Presentation, the Agents will be asking the question in using the Chat system ( Q&A) The presentation will be for 60 minutes and if is possible it should include aswell a short video.

Part b)

All agents entry in the Live WEBA Agent Workshops will register and leave the contact details which will be forward to the school representative at the end of the event

Part c)

Educator will be able to do One to One Meeting with the agents, with a max of 50 agents and schedule the meeting basis they on calendar and timetable, the meeting can be done at once with all the agents together or by group or One to One

  • I was pleasantly surprised with WEBA’s online program. Richard Affolter was easy to communicate with, responsive, well organized, and an expert in hosting/facilitating a zoom with close to 100 attendees from around the world. The diversity of the agents attending the zooms, and the follow-up interest by agents, are more than I would have expected. As a result we now have active agent agreements with countries and cities where we had not been a stakeholder. RIchard is truly focused on making sure that the online WEBA events are a worthwhile investment.

    • Nancy Nolan West Nottingham Academy, US
  • I really enjoyed this entire experience. What Made me feel at ease is that we had a pre-conference meeting where you explained how the process worked. I had never used or heard until this experience. You made it seamless to accept a meeting. another thing I liked was your personality as a host. You were able to guide the entire meeting along in a timely fashion only stopping where a question had been posed.This was extremely helpful as it provided us with some great resources. There was not a negative aspect of this program. I look forward to having the opportunity to attend other events with your organization in the future.

    • Antonio Ross, Convoy International Secondary Academy , Canada
  • WEBA provides a comprehensive approach to International Recruitment in an ever-changing environment with meeting quality agents online.

    Thank you, WEBA for a job well done!

    • Brittany Gatcomb , Director of Admissions , Washington Academy , US

The Cost : US 2800 for Virtual Workshops

WEBA WORLD US' Virtual Live Workshops (Online) : 14th April 2023 Workshops registration (Live Online):

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