BSL - Business School Lausanne
  • Florida International University

    "I'am very glad that we partecipated in the WEBA Agent Fair. The quality of the Agents was excellent and I sincerely look forward to work with all of them."
    Priscilla Ferreira

  • CMI Interlangues Inc - Canada

    "Let me congratulate you for the great job did in the WEBA Agent Fair. It was very well organized and I find each meeting quite meaningful. I liked the way the presentations for the institutions were going in one room while those for the agents were in another one. Yes, we will definitely come back next year."
    Christiane Millet Alexis

  • St. Timothys, Stevenson - USA

    "Thank so much for a very good Workshop last week. I was very impressed with the professionalism with which everything was managed."
    Patrick Finn

  • Lyndon Institute - USA

    "I would like to thank you for a very nice conference well - organized and well executed. The presentations were a very good idea, the meetings seemed potentially productive , the food was excellent and the hospitality was very welcoming. Thank you again."
    Mary Thomas

  • Napier University - UK

    "It was the first time the University has attended a WEBA exhibition but we were very impressed by the organisation, the quality of accommodation and of course the event. The exhibition we attended exceeded our expectations and we are confident that we will receive definite applications as a result of attending."
    Helen McMillan

  • Birmingham College of Food and Beverage - UK

    "The Exhibition was extremely busy, much busier than I had anticipated. All of the international exhibitors appeared to be doing good business throughout the 2 days. WEBA performed their usual efficient job in looking after the exhibitors, having selected highly comfortable accommodation and organising all transfers and shuttles to the highest standards."

    "A highly enjoyable social event on Friday evening was also included with a chance for exhibitors to relax and enjoy the local culture."

    "We shall certainly be returning for the 2011 Fair and would advise those who are considering participating next year to give it a try. You will not be disappointed!"
    Martin Stanton

  • Hotelschool The Hague - Netherland

    "Let me start by thanking you for your the great organisation !"
    Susanne Reimering

  • Southeast Sweden Universities - Sweden

    "I appreciate very much your efforts at making our work efficient and stay enjoyable."
    Yuriy Rogovchenko

  • Lemania College - Switzerland

    "It was great to partecipate to the WEBA Workshop , which was wonderful organized! Thank you very much ."
    Experanza Roibal Perni

  • Bath Academy - UK

    "Thank you very much for your efficient organisation of the event and for looking after all of us so well. Please pass on thanks to Daniela and the rest of the team."
    Lisa Wolfe

  • The Cambridge Center for Languages - UK

    "Just a quick note to say THANK YOU very much to you and your team's hard work at the WEBA Conference which make the event a very enjoyable one! I really look forward to the next years's WEBA Agents Conference !"
    Laura Chen

  • Aberystwyth University - UK

    "This was the first "WEBA" event I have attended and was very impressed by the organisation and the way the participants are looked after during the fair."
    Annie Brunt

  • AIM Paris - France

    "Billion thanks for all the efforts you deployed for us."
    Martin Drogamaci

and many more..

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