Every event advertising campaign is based on targeted promotion of each exhibitor and its educational programs.

The online channels we use are:

  • Search engines (google.com, yandex.ru) with context ads
  • Social networks (facebook.com, linkedin.com, odnoklassniki.ru, vk.com) with both target ads and posts in relevant communities
  • Education websites targeted both for students and their parents (examen.ru)
  • Online blogs, web communities
  • Direct emailing, etc

Additionally, we might also engage some offline activities as well:

  • Personal invitations to school directors
  • Posters in schools
  • Fliers in country specific centers for international education and culture
  • Business and specialized print media
  • Radio

We encourage all visitors to register online in advance.

The three-step registration system is used to provide individual consultations format for each exhibitor during the fair.

Step 1:

Visitors submit their contact information.

Step 2:

They sign up to visit specific presentations at the fair. We guarantee at least 20 visitors. Later, you can sit down with the most motivated ones, and thus make your participation in the fair even more efficient. You also get the whole registration list.

Step 3:

Visitors are introduced to the exhibitor list with mini profiles. They tick those whose programs they are interested in.

That is just another way to make sure the event is attended by the target audience only.

After the fair each exhibitor receives the contact list of those visitors who expressed their interest in the programs which this particular exhibitor offered.

Online Workshops;


17, 18, 24,25, 30 June

1, 7,8,9, 15, 16, 21, 22,29,30 July

24 , 25, 26 August

Don't miss the opportunity to meet agents interested in the programs of your institution.

Target Audience

Education Agents from all over the world

Who should attend

All kinds of education programs.

WEBA Russia Moscow - St.Peterburg Tour 2020 Registration: 3th & 4th October:

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